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Xend Pay Referral code

10€ / 10£ referral code for xend pay - 10€ / 10£ xend pay promo code

Xend pay promo, voucher and referral code of 10€ / 10£. use my xend pay code to get 10€ / 10£ for free as a referral reward

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Xend Pay
Earn 10€ / 10£ when you use a Xend Pay promo code
Xend Pay allows you to send money worldwide with minimum fees

Referral process

How does the promo code works?

The Xend Pay promo code give 10€ / 10£ to the godson and 10€ / 10£ to the godfather every time a godson uses it's code.
The Xend Pay promo code needs to be activated on signup. Copy and paste a Xend Pay referral code to earn 10€ / 10£ or simply click on a referral link. The discount will be applied automatically.

Once you signed up on Xend Pay you can find your own promo code in your account and share on our website to the community. For every user who use your Xend Pay referral code you will get 10€ / 10£ offered. Once you publish your promo code, we will create an ad for your code with a translation in more than 35 languages so that more people can find and use your code around the world.