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TopParrain is a worldwide community of people sharing promo codes and referral codes. We allow everyone to get discounts, credits or bonuses on services and products by inviting and referring each other to the companies we love the most.

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How does it works?

Referral programs

A referral program is a process where companies rewards existing customers who recommends products and services to others

1. Join companies

Join companies that reward users who refer friends. Search our platform for the best offers

2. Gather your promo codes

Make a list of all the referral codes you have, learn more about the referral process and rewards

3. Share your codes

Share your promo codes to others and earn rewards for each successfull referral

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How much money can I earn with a referral code?
Rewards for successful referrals can very a lot depending on companies. They are usually credits of various amounts to use a service, free subscription fees or commissions reductions. Sometimes companies offers money directly to your bank account. Cryptocurrency rewards are also a growing trend.
What is the difference between a promo code and a referral code?
It's basically the same thing. Both codes offers rewards to new users. The difference is that a promo code is usually a code created by a company to incentivize users to purchase something. Where a referral code is a code provided to an existing customer who can share it with friends and family in order to earn money or rewards.
Which companies have referral codes?
Most of companies providing services in B2C are proposing referral rewards. On our platform we are gathering all the referral programs around the world. At the moment, they are more than 3500 known companies proposing a referral program
Where do I get a referral code?
You usually need to be a customer of a company to have access to your dedicated promo code. Once you are logged into your account, search for words like: Invite a friend, Refer a friend, Earn rewards, Referral Code, Promo Code, Earn money.
What does a referral code looks like?
Referral codes and promo codes are either a unique link or a unique alphanumeric chain of characters. Each users have a distinct code to track successfull referral.
Are there restrictions to share referral codes?
Yes! Each companies have different rules regarding their referral programs. We recommend that you read the terms and conditions of each referral campaigns before sharing your codes.
What are the best referral programs?
On TopParrain you can find the best referral programs. Simply search by category or visit the company leaderboard on the homepage to learn which companies offers the best rewards.
How to share a referral promo code?
You can share your referral codes to friends and family. You can also use social media or platforms like TopParrain to share it to a broader audience. On TopParrain you can create and share your codes for free. Everyday more than 14000 codes are used on the platform.