Terms of Service
Updated 16/01/2020
Conditions for the Boost Program
The boost program allow any signed in user to promote one or multiple of their code against the payement of a fee that will set the code on a boosted mode for a certain number of days. This fee can vary depending on the company, the currency in which the user is making his payment and the duration of the Boost. This fee can change at any time and the duration can also change at any time. Once a single payment is done the number of days indicated in the boost page will serve as a reference for the total number of days the ad will have a Boost status. The payment of the indicated fee will unsure to the user that his ad will be Boosted for the specified number of days. No refund will be allowed for the Boosted program.
Here are terms of the Boost Program:
Content Policy
TopParrain is a community platform where any visitor can create an account for free and interact and/or create content on the platform. TopParrain is not responsible for the content published by it's members. Users are allowed to create content on the platform and are responsible for the content they publish. Any misbehaviour can be reported to our team so that we can take action to fix the situation. Users should not publish false or incorrect information, or any content that may cause offense to a company or a person.
Companies displayed on TopParrain can contact the administration team at any time to ask for modifications of deletion of content related to their company.