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ENI is an Italian supplier and producer of electricity and gas in 71 countries
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ilek is a French private supplier of green energy created in 2016. It offers consumers the opport...
Mint energie
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Mint Energie is the trademark of Budget Telecom for the supply of electricity to the general publ...
Direct Energie
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Direct Energie, now Total Direct Energie is a French supplier and producer of electricity and gas
Total Energies
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TotalEnergies innovates to simplify energy for you. Discover our offers and services for individu...
Octopus Energy
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Octopus Energy is a UK electricity and gas supplier specializing in sustainable energy. Founded i...
Be Charge
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Be Charge is a network of charging stations for electric cars active throughout Italy: simple, fa...
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Sorgenia SpA is one of the main operators in the free electricity and natural gas market, with ap...
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Plüm is an EVOC supplier "Green Electricity of Controlled Origin": they have developed a partners...
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Pulsee is electricity, gas and many services that follow your lifestyle.
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ENGIE takes up the challenge of the energy transition through its three businesses: electricity, ...
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PRIO distributes and commercializes liquid fuels and electric energy for mobility, having a tank ...