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You can use felyx in 3 easy steps. Use the felyx app to locate, book and activate the nearest sco...
5€ of credit offered when you use the Hive coupon code
Hive is a micro-mobility sharing company. They offer convenient, inexpensive and fast as well as ...
1$ on Spin with a promo code
Spin gives you the freedom to move. We provide high-quality scooters, a reliable and easy to use ...
25min on Mimoto with a promo code
MiMoto is the first made in Italy service of free flow electric scooter sharing active in the cit...
Zig Zag Sharing
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Rent your Zig Zag scooter with the new app: find the scooter closest to you, book it and go freel...
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GoTo Scooters has over 300 scooters available in Malta and Gozo 100% electric
Elwing Boards
The godson gets 5% discount (25 €) on his order when he uses an Elwing promo code
Elwing Boards is a French company that creates compact and powerful electric skates
2.5€ offered when you sign up with a Emmy promo code
Our cities have a designated business district where you can rent and drop off scooters. So nothi...
5€ on Whizascoot with a promo code
Whizascoot is bringing electric scooter-sharing to Malta. Grab a Whiza, avoid Malta’s busy traffi...
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Nordsee is a fast-food restaurant chain specialising in seafood.
UNO Smart Mobility
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Enjoy each way comfortably and save with our scooters, those are the ideal choice to drive your w...
Voi Technology
5 offered when you sign up with a Voi Technology promo code
Voi gives you shared electric scooters for the big adventures or for the last few hundred meters....