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Feature Points
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Launched in 2012, FeaturePoints is a premier rewards platform that has paid out over $5.6 million...
Even Fi
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EvenFi is a regulated peer-to-peer crowdlending platform that connects high-value SMEs interested...
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Pretup is a crowdlending loan platform between individuals and businesses. Lend to growing busine...
In Rento
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InRento facilitates rental investment. Invest in your financial future and earn passive income wi...
Earth 2®
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Earth 2® is a futuristic concept for a second earth; a metaverse, between virtual and physical re...
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Ava - Build credit and refinance, quickly and effortlessly. Meet Ava, the easiest way to build cr...
Doubling of interest paid during the first 3 months
Mozzeno is a Belgian financial organization offering indirect loans by putting private lenders in...
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In 5 minutes, compare the best real estate rates online and benefit from the expertise of a real ...
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The only crowdfunding platform for loans between individuals and businesses to protect savings
L&C Mortgages
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At L&C, we believe that buying a home should be fun and remortgaging should be simple. L&C's onl...
Funding Societies
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We specialize in short-term financing for SMEs, crowdfunded by individual and institutional inves...
Debitum Network
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Debitum Network is an alternative investment platform where both retail and institutional investo...